Hearing Protection – An Investment In Your Health

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Have you ever thought about protecting your ears before? No? Then you’re not alone. Often, we don’t even think about the actual consequences everyday noises can have on our hearing. Constant noise can not only lead to hearing loss, but can also be associated with numerous other health-related risks. Here, you will find out more about the impacts of noise and how you can best protect your hearing.

Why should I protect my hearing?

Unlike the eye, which can close its lid in a fraction of a second, the ear is unable to protect itself from noise. We cannot deliberately shut off our hearing or temporarily switch it off, it is always ready to pick up sounds and noises, including loud ones. Accordingly, with regular or acute loud noise, the hair cells can suffer and even die off. In worst-case scenarios, this can lead to hearing loss.

So to ensure we maintain the ability to enjoy the full spectrum of the sounds of life, it is paramount to protect our most important sense. If not, we may no longer be able to rely on it in future, may it be in conversations or in dangerous situations.

What impacts on my health can loud noises have?

Often, we are completely unaware that our hearing is at risk in everyday situations: Excessively loud music in clubs, at concerts or noise from DIY work at home can quickly cause hearing loss, even in young people. Constant noise, of the type we hear on busy roads for example, is classed as being in the hazardous range at volumes of around 80 decibels, and can cause long-term damage to our hearing. In addition to noise-related hearing loss, which is affecting more and more people, loud noises can also lead to tinnitus or even sonic trauma.

Persistent noise affects not only our ears, but also our whole bodies. This is because every disruptive noise puts the body into a state of alert. This causes the excretion of stress hormones, a faster heartbeat, increased blood pressure and more rapid breathing. Further consequences of noise stress can include concentration problems, impaired performance, sleep problems, high blood pressure and even cardiovascular disease.

With the right hearing protection, you can effectively prevent hearing damage and other risks to your health.

Do I need hearing protection?

The point at which noise becomes disruptive or unpleasant varies from person to person. The pain threshold is set at 120 decibels (dB), but street noise, engine noise or even a visit to a disco involving values of over 80 dB can impair health. But exactly how loud is one decibel, or even 10 decibels? Below you will find a graphic illustrating how many decibels the following everyday noises generate.

Strategies for protecting your hearing

To avoid hearing loss, you should follow a few tips on how to protect your hearing. They are easy to follow and help to ensure that your ears are less exposed to harmful noise, allowing you to continue enjoying problem-free hearing.

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