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New Hearing Aids Paducah

Rigorous research and development efforts have helped hearing aids evolve from large, unwieldy accessories to sleek, nearly invisible designs with a multitude of features. These transformations have made differences in the lives of millions of people.

Thirty years ago, people wouldn’t wear hearing aids because every time someone would come close, their hearing aids would start squealing.  It was embarrassing, and they couldn’t hear anything anyway.

In more recent years, detailed engineering efforts have paved the way for instruments that fit the needs of the many, while providing the flexibility to accommodate each user’s unique patterns of hearing loss.   Digital hearing aids changed everything. All of a sudden, instead of making everything louder, we are now able to fit those people who had those high frequency hearing losses with better technology.

Competition has improved the market offerings, and technology has vastly improved in both receiver-in-canal (RIC) and custom hearing aids.  With so many options on the market today, the input of a hearing professional like Tim Harmon at Purchase Ear Technology is essential in finding the right device.

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