Does My Child Have Hearing Loss

Hearing loss in children is not uncommon. So, when you ask your child repeatedly to help you set the table and he doesn’t respond, it may not just be selective hearing, but the beginning of a hearing loss.

The signs of hearing loss in children

Your child’s response to sound becomes easier to detect as they get older. Before the age of four months, your baby may widen his eyes, wrinkle his eyebrows or shift his eyes towards the sound. After four months, it gets easier to detect a reaction to the sounds around your child. This is when he starts to move his head towards where the sound is coming from and appears to listen.

If he doesn’t appear to listen, that could be a sign of hearing loss. Other signs that your baby or toddler from four months of age may have a hearing loss is if he:

  • Doesn’t react to your voice
  • Often seems inattentive
  • Shows signs of slow speech development
  • By two years, can’t produce spontaneous words or combine 2 words (or more)
  • By three years, you, as primary caregiver, don’t understand what he’s saying

Bear in mind, though, that there could be other reasons why he can’t hear well. A cold or an ear infection could cause temporary hearing loss, and the hearing is most often restored when the infection has left the body. In addition, your older child may have a hearing loss if he:

  • Often asks “What?” to what you were saying
  • Often responds inappropriately in a conversation
  • Starts speaking more loudly
  • Talks about his “good ear” and his “bad ear”
  • Needs very loud TV volume
  • Has a teacher who says he’s not paying attention

Hearing helps your child’s speech and language development, social skills and education. For infants, hearing the parents’ voices is also a way of bonding and building trust. So, it’s important to identify hearing problems as early as possible, in order to get the proper treatment.

Getting a professional hearing evaluation for your child

Your child may have gone through a hearing screening as a newborn, but sometimes hearing loss can develop later. If you see signs of hearing loss, you should consult your doctor and get a referral to a hearing care professional.   If you have questions about hearing loss, whether in adults or children, give us a call at Purchase Ear Technology in Paducah.  Tim Harmon and his staff are ready to help you.  Purchase Ear Technology is conveniently located at 2008 Broadway St in Paducah, KY.  You can reach us by phone at (270) 554-3996 or CLICK HERE to contact us.  At Purchase Ear Technology, you are more than a patient.  You are FAMILY.