Healthy Hearing In The New Year

As we are a couple weeks into 2021 we wanted to see how your are doing on your New Year’s Resolutions. This past year taught everyone what an important role basic communication plays in our lives. That’s why we hope you will continue to do everything you can to stay connected to your community in the new year. That can start with resolving to make sure you and your loved ones are hearing well.

Keeping hearing resolutions is easier than other resolutions!

Many of the most common resolutions are difficult to keep up with. Some people struggle each January to lose weight or quit smoking. Others want to get more exercise or maybe even downsize and live better in 2021.

Tips for better hearing

We have 5 easy tips that will help you make a big impact on your hearing health with minimal effort.

Protect your ears from loud noises: You may not realize what types of noises and sounds can actually cause permanent hearing loss. Many people already know that loud concerts, gunshots, fireworks, airplanes and machinery are loud enough to cause damage; however, there are unlikely culprits.

How loud is too loud? Noise levels over 85 decibels can become dangerous, especially over long periods of time. You can download a smartphone app that will let you know how loud an environment you are in. When you use it, you will realize that power tools, vacuums, lawn mowers or even restaurants can be loud enough to cause noise-induced hearing loss if you are exposed for extended periods of time. Spend a little time looking into options, and you’ll find that there are lots of ways to prevent hearing loss.

Turn down the volume when using media: Another cause of noise-induced hearing loss is listening to media through earphones. Most newer devices give you a warning alert when the level is too high and we encourage you to pay attention to it. This applies to any sound listened to through headphones, including phone calls, music or other entertainment. If you find yourself constantly turning the volume up past 60% in order to hear through your headphones, then consider speaking with a professional hearing care provider.

Exercise: This is a common New Year’s resolution; however, exercising isn’t just for weight loss! Studies have shown that you may be able to exercise your way to better hearing when you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Yoga and other fitness programs have been shown to promote healthy hearing.

Eat healthy: Just like exercising, eating right is another popular New Year’s resolution. In fact, research shows that a healthy diet also helps preserve your hearing as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Do what you can to prevent dementia: This year, the Lancet published new research that stated that addressing hearing loss can help lower the risk for developing dementia.

See your hearing professional regularly: If you are concerned that you are experiencing any hearing loss, then resolve to make an appointment to come see us at Purchase Ear Technology in Paducah.

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