Hearing Tips For Your Summer Vacation

Summer Hearing Tips Hearing Aids Paducah

If you’re planning to check out for a summer vacation, you may want to review your prep checklist and add some things to cover your hearing health. In the excitement of hitting the sand, sea, or mountains, it’s easy to forget that we need more than just sunscreen to protect ourselves. Be sure to follow these hearing tips for summer travel.

Bring ear protection. A backyard BBQ, outdoor concert, or fireworks show are all synonymous with summer. You may experience these types of events both at home and away, in which case it’s essential to make sure that you don’t forget ear protection when you travel. Disposable foam or silicone earplugs help to filter out loud sound and ambient crowd noise while still allowing you to hear safely. Additionally, wearing hearing protection when swimming can help to prevent the annoying (and uncomfortable) condition known as “swimmer’s ear.”

Watch where you sit. Proximity to loud sound is crucial to noise-induced hearing loss. Rather than situate yourself near a speaker or front row, consider hanging out further away from loud sources of sound. For airplane travel, try and book your seats at the front of the cabin to avoid engine noise and consider picking up a pair of high-quality noise-canceling headphones.

Turn down the volume. Playing some tunes while sitting poolside or at the beach is a memorable part of summer but be mindful of the volume level. If you find yourself having to increase the volume (or get complaints from neighbors), this may be a sign that you’re struggling with your hearing. Also, protect your hearing when using headphones by doing things like reducing the volume and taking breaks.

Take breaks. Parties or socializing with new people is often a highlight of a vacation. Proactively taking breaks from noisy chatter and environments can help to reset and re-energize you rather than exhausting you.

Practice makes perfect. If you’ve just gotten a hearing aid or have switched devices, be sure to get the hang of it at home before your vacation. Getting familiar with it and its settings can help to make your holiday all the more stress-free.

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