Should I Update My Hearing Aids?

Upgrade your hearing aids Paducah KY

Your hearing aids are amazing devices. Not only do they amplify your hearing, but the newest hearing aids can minimize background noise, tune out tinnitus and change listening programs based on your location. These amazing devices are with you every day, from the moment you get out of bed from the time you go to sleep, so it’s no wonder that there comes a time to replace them. The average hearing aid has a lifespan of 5 to 7 years, but sometimes other factors contribute to the need for an update. How do you know when it is time to update your hearing aids? There are many factors to consider.

Your Hearing Ability Has Changed

It is first important to understand that hearing loss is a progressive disorder. It may start slowly with the loss of certain tones or pitches but as your hearing becomes more severe over the years it is important to visit your audiologist to update your hearing program. Hearing aids these days are programmed specifically for your individual hearing loss. Even so, certain hearing aid models are only designed to best serve different hearing abilities. It is important to check in with your audiologist annually to make sure that your hearing program is working the best for you and to see if it is time for new hearing aids.

Your Hearing Aids are Not Working as Well

Hearing aids do quite a lot of work for those who use them every day, only to be removed when sleeping or bathing. It’s no wonder that these amazing devices can sustain some wear and tear. If moisture builds up in your hearing aids it is all too common for the electrical components to short circuit. To combat this, it is important to store your hearing aids in dehumidifying cases overnight, to remove harmful moisture. Other times the tiny tubes can need replacement, or the batteries start to collect corrosion. Cleaning and examining your hearing aids nightly as part of your bedtime routine can help to keep your hearing aids in the best shape possible but even the best cared for hearing aids need to be replaced eventually.

If you find you are dealing with quickly draining batteries, feedback or inconsistent sound quality, even after repairs, it is time to strongly consider new hearing aids.

Your Lifestyle Has Changed

When you went to your first hearing consultation, your hearing healthcare professional interviewed you about your lifestyle, your habits and your hobbies. This can help the audiologist understand what hearing aids will serve you best, based on the needs of your lifestyle. If you are a person who is in crowded and public settings often then the latest features in background suppression to help you hear in crowds is an important investment.

In contrast, if you spend more time in quiet settings, such as your home, then you may not have many instances to use this setting. If your lifestyle has changed since your consultation, then an upgrade in your hearing aids may be in order. Hearing aids do tend to make more subdued people active, once they get used to increased hearing ability.  If you have taken up a new hobby such as biking or jogging due to your new independence with hearing aids, then features such as water resistance or wind suppression will help you greatly.

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