What’s That Crackling In My Ears?

Are you hearing crackling in your ear? Buzzing, crackling, “static” or whooshing noises in your ear can all be signs of a condition called tinnitus. Here is what you should know.

Where is that crackling, buzzing, or ringing noise coming from? If you use hearing aids, it can mean that they require adjustment or aren’t fitted correctly. For everyone else, tinnitus might be the answer.

There’s a lot more to the ear than what you see on the outside. Here’s what it may mean when some of these more common noises are playing in your ears.

What’s Causing The Snap, Crackle, And Pop in My Ear?

We can tell you this – it’s not Rice Krispies. When the pressure in your ears changes – whether from an altitude change, going underwater, or simply yawning – you may hear crackling or popping noises. A small part of your ear named the eustachian tube is the source of these noises. When these mucus lined passages open up to equalize the air pressure, fluid, and air move causing these sounds to manifest.

Occasionally, such as when you’re dealing with allergies, a cold, or an ear infection, an overabundance of mucus in your system can gum up the eustachian tubes and impede what is usually an automatic process (keep in mind, your ears, nose, and throat or all connected). Medical assistance, like surgery, is occasionally necessary in severe cases where nothing else has helped clear the blockage.

I’m Hearing Vibration in my Ears – What Does That Mean?

Sometimes tinnitus manifests as a vibration in the ears. Technically speaking, tinnitus is the scientific term for when somebody hears unusual sounds, like vibrations, in their ears that don’t come from any external sources. Most individuals will refer to it as a ringing in the ears and it manifests across the spectrum, from barely there to debilitating.

What Should I do About Sounds in my Ear

If you use hearing aids, again, checking those is the first task. You may hear these types of sounds for numerous reasons: your batteries need to be recharged, the hearing aids aren’t correctly positioned in your ears, the volume is too high, or your hair is brushing up against it. If you don’t have hearing aids, accumulated earwax may be the problem.

It makes sense that too much wax could make it hard to hear and cause itchiness or even inner ear infections, but how can earwax make a noise? If it is touching your eardrum, it can actually hinder the eardrum’s ability to function, which is what causes the buzzing or ringing. The good news is, earwax issues are easily fixed.

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