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We offer in-house repairs and replacement batteries for a wide variety of hearing instruments.

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Check out our online resources if you have any questions about hearing aid types. We will help find the hearing aid type that is right for you.

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At Purchase Ear Technology, we’re dedicated to improving your hearing health and enhancing your quality of life! Today, we’re discussing an important topic that affects millions of individuals worldwide: hearing loss in the workplace. Led by Tim Harmon and our compassionate staff, we’re here to provide valuable insights and practical tips for navigating hearing loss… [...] Read more...
At Purchase Ear Technology, Tim Harmon and his team are passionate about helping individuals with hearing loss live their best lives. Adjusting to life with hearing loss can present unique challenges, but with the right strategies and support, you can thrive in your personal and social interactions. In this post, we will share valuable tips… [...] Read more...
At Purchase Ear Technology, we understand that hearing loss can be a complex and bewildering experience. As experts in audiology, it’s our mission to demystify this condition and empower individuals with knowledge to navigate their hearing health journey confidently. In this blog post, we delve into the intricacies of hearing loss, shedding light on its… [...] Read more...
As individuals age, it’s common for changes to occur in various aspects of their health, including their sensory functions. Hearing loss, particularly in older adults, is a prevalent concern that often raises questions about whether it’s a natural part of aging or indicative of an underlying condition. Understanding the distinction between normal age-related changes and… [...] Read more...
As the owner of Purchase Ear Technology, Tim Harmon has witnessed firsthand the transformative impact that hearing aids can have on people’s lives. However, the journey to better hearing doesn’t end with simply purchasing a device. The role of audiologists in hearing aid fittings and adjustments is paramount to ensuring optimal outcomes and satisfaction for… [...] Read more...
Proper care and maintenance of your hearing aids are crucial for ensuring they function optimally and last for years to come. At Purchase Ear Technology in Paducah, KY, Tim Harmon understands the importance of keeping your hearing aids in top condition. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide of dos and don’ts to help you take… [...] Read more...

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screenshot1Having trouble hearing conversations clearly? Does your family complain that you watch TV with the volume too loud? We can help determine if you have hearing loss and recommend next steps! Click here to learn more about hearing tests.

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product imagesThere are many different styles of hearing aids. We take your individual needs and considerations into account when fitting you with the perfect device. Learn more about hearing aids here.

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