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We offer in-house repairs and replacement batteries for a wide variety of hearing instruments.

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Check out our online resources if you have any questions about hearing aid types. We will help find the hearing aid type that is right for you.

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Hearing loss often occurs so gradually, that we may not be aware that our ability to hear has decreased. Those closest to us often notice it and point out those areas that may be affected (i.e. increased television volume and frequently asking people to repeat themselves.) This decline in hearing can greatly impact relationships and… [...] Read more...
At Purchase Ear Technology in Paducah, KY, we understand the profound impact that hearing health has on every aspect of our lives. From enjoying conversations with loved ones to staying connected to the world around us, our ability to hear shapes our experiences and relationships. That’s why we’re here to emphasize the importance of regular… [...] Read more...
With so many options for hearing services in Western Kentucky, we would like to offer some guidance on an important topic: how to choose the right audiologist. Whether you’re experiencing hearing loss for the first time or need ongoing care, selecting the right professional is crucial for your auditory health. Here are some key factors… [...] Read more...
Hearing aids are essential devices for those who rely on them, enabling clear communication and enhancing quality of life. However, stormy weather can pose significant risks to these delicate devices. At Purchase Ear Technology, we understand the importance of keeping your hearing aids safe and functional, no matter the weather. Here are some tips on… [...] Read more...
In our noisy world, protecting your hearing is more important than ever. Whether you’re a musician, a construction worker, or simply someone who enjoys concerts, understanding the difference between custom and standard ear protection can make a significant difference in your hearing health. At Purchase Ear Technology, we’re dedicated to helping you make the best… [...] Read more...
At Purchase Ear Technology, we understand the unique challenges that individuals with hearing loss may face while traveling. Whether you’re embarking on a weekend getaway or a cross-country adventure, navigating airports, hotels, and unfamiliar environments can present communication obstacles. Tim Harmon and our team at Purchase Ear Technology want to share valuable tips to help… [...] Read more...

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screenshot1Having trouble hearing conversations clearly? Does your family complain that you watch TV with the volume too loud? We can help determine if you have hearing loss and recommend next steps! Click here to learn more about hearing tests.

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product imagesThere are many different styles of hearing aids. We take your individual needs and considerations into account when fitting you with the perfect device. Learn more about hearing aids here.

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