Help Your Hearing Aids Last Longer

Cleaning Hearing Aids Paducah

If you wear hearing aids or think you may need them, you’ll want to find out as much as you can about how to look after them and prolong their life. Hearing aids are a significant investment for most people, and taking care of them can ensure that you get the best performance from them and that they last as long as possible.

At Purchase Ear Technology in Paducah, we are available for you to ask all the questions you have about your new hearing aids. Here are our top tips on caring for your hearing aids to prolong their life.

Top Tips To Maintain Your Hearing Aids:

  • Store your hearing aids safely. Many accidents involving damage to or loss of hearing aids are simply a result of not having a safe place to store them. As soon as you take your hearing aids home, we recommend choosing a safe space to keep them when you are not wearing them. We suggest that you keep them in their case, on a shelf that is out of reach of children and animals, and that you always keep them in the same place.
  • Avoid products that can damage hearing aids. When you are using products on your skin or hair, there is a risk of these causing damage to your hearing aids. Your delicate devices should be kept away from all products such as these, so you may find it easiest to put your hearing aids in once you have finished getting ready for your day.
  • Keep your hearing aids dry. Hearing aids can be damaged by water and moisture, and it’s very important to remove them when you’re showering, bathing or swimming. You may find that a hearing aid dehumidifier helps to dry them properly, and hearing aid sweatbands can be useful if you exercise a lot while wearing them.
  • Clean your hearing aids as directed. You can bring your hearing aids to Purchase Ear Technology to learn about the best way to keep your hearing aids clean on a daily basis. Do not be tempted to use harsh cleaning products that could damage your hearing aids, and remember that a deep clean will be included in most aftercare appointments.
  • Replace your batteries regularly. You will get used to how quickly your hearing aid batteries deplete, and this is likely to be between three and ten days. You will have been shown how to replace your batteries, and you should follow instructions about how to store batteries in order to keep them in great condition and get the best performance from them.

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